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The Blackpool Illuminations run from the end of August Bank Holiday week to November each year. Find out more about Switch On night and what time the Lights go on each day in this section.

In this section you can find out more about Switch On - the first big event of the season and what time it happens throughout the year!


Blackpool Illuminations Switch On Ceremony

"Switch On" is one of the highlights of the season in Blackpool - traditionally it takes place on the Friday night following August Bank Holiday Monday week, at the end of the summer holidays. 

It's had various incarnations over the years. Originally the switch was flicked in front of Blackpool Town Hall, opposite North Pier. Then the event was moved to Central Car Park which became an event venue for the night.

In recent years, following the completion of the new sea defences and Tower Festival Headland event space, switch on has moved to the sea front and taken the form of a weekend long festival, held in front of Blackpool Tower. 

More about this years Blackpool Illuminations Switch On


Switch On Stars

Since 1934 when Lord Derby carried out the first celebrity lighting up, each year a celebrity of the day has volunteered their time to perform the illustrious task.

Find out about Switch On stars of previous years here.


Daily Lighting Up Times

You'll want to know what time to travel along the promenade to enjoy your night out in Blackpool

Daily Illuminations lighting up times here. 

Obviously the Lights go on each night when it gets dark and you can see them. When the display begins in September the nights are that bit lighter so the lights go on later. As the weeks pass and the nights get darker with the progression of autumn, you can venture out at an earlier time to enjoy your walk or journey. 

Look upwards and marvel as the night sky becomes lit up!


LightPool Projections

Make you way to Tower Festival Headland and several times during each night of the Illuminations season you'll see the three fabulous LightPool films digitally projected onto the front of the building at the base of Blackpool Tower. 

It's a sight to see and a fantastic experience to be enjoyed from the new LightPool village where you'll be able to buy drinks, snacks and official Blackpool Illuminations souvenirs for the first time in 2016.

More about LightPool here


Switch On Switch

The famous Switch On Switch (below) is used at this first official event of the year.

A few other lucky people have managed to get their hands on it to turn on the Lights at special competitions and events which are run throughout each season. 

The Blackpool Illuminations Switch on Switch


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