A whistle-stop overview of the Blackpool Illuminations

Find out all about Blackpool Illuminations. They make us feel carefree, they make us memories and they bring back our childhood.

Over the road festoon lights, find out about Blackpool Illuminations
Over the road festoon lights at the Blackpool Illuminations

We wondered what you’d want to know if you’d never ever seen them before? So we’ve put you this overview together about Blackpool Illuminations.

Follow the links on this page and spend a happy time exploring!

Blackpool Tower and Seafront, find out about Blackpool Illuminations
Blackpool Tower and Seafront during the Illuminations

About Blackpool Illuminations Today

How would you describe the Blackpool Illuminations to someone who’d lived at the North Pole all of their life and didn’t know anything about them?

We’d tell them to come to Blackpool and see for themselves! You’ll enjoy six miles of the brightest displays that you can imagine, all along the seafront. Imagine Christmas lights – and then some more, … and some more!

Lights are a big thing in Blackpool, and everywhere lights up. All of the seafront businesses twinkle and the three Piers shine. The beautiful Blackpool Tower is lit from top to bottom in LED lights.

The amusements on Central Pier, all lit up at night, find out about Blackpool Illuminations
The amusements on Central Pier, all lit up at night as part of the Blackpool Illuminations

Blackpool Illuminations from South to North Shore

We’ve given you this simple map to orientate yourself to the seafront and what you’ll find where.

Map of the route and what's where, find out about Blackpool Illuminations
Map of the Illuminations route and whats where

At South Shore (on the left of our map) you’ll see the big tram shed against the sea. Pass this on your left and you’re not far from the first ‘Welcome Arch’ which marks the start of the Blackpool Illuminations. There’s a nearby collection point where you donate and contribute to the Illuminations fund.

You’ll see festoon lights over the road from here.

Festoon lights over the road, find out about Blackpool Illuminations
Festoon lights over the road at Blackpool Illuminations

Illuminated Trams

Take a look at the amazing Illuminated Heritage Trams and decide which one is your favourite.

The Heritage Tram stop where you catch these trams is opposite the promenade entrance to the Pleasure Beach.

Blackpool Illuminated Heritage Tram, HMS Blackpool Frigate, find out about Blackpool Illuminations
Blackpool Illuminated Heritage Tram, HMS Blackpool Frigate

Heading South along the promenade you’ll pass the Pleasure Beach on your right.

Promenade at Pleasure Beach, find out about Blackpool Illuminations
Promenade at Pleasure Beach during Blackpool Illuminations

The big indoor Sandcastle Waterpark is on your left, with South Pier just to the right hand side of it.

Sandcastle Waterpark, find out about Blackpool Illuminations
Sandcastle Waterpark near to Blackpool Illuminations

At the right of South Pier with its back to the sea you’ll see Theatre d’Amour. It’s based on a Victorian children’s theatre and is the creation of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

Lights festoon all of the promenade from south to north, past all three piers and Blackpool Tower, along with features mounted onto lamp posts.

Central promenade, find out about Blackpool Illuminations
Central promenade during Blackpool Illuminations

About Blackpool Illuminations Central

The central section of seafront between Central and North Pier is a bright world. Stand with your back to the sea and see all the colours of the seafront shops, attractions and arcades. They’re a brightly coloured sight in their own right.

Coral Island on Blackpool Promenade, find out about Blackpool Illuminations
Coral Island on Blackpool Promenade

About Blackpool Illuminations at Blackpool Tower

Watch the LightPool digital projection shows at Tower Headland where the Comedy Carpet is. Different shows are projected onto the beautiful Blackpool Tower building to light it up.

LightPool Digital Projection Show onto the Blackpool Tower, find out about Blackpool Illuminations
LightPool Digital Projection Show onto the Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Tower itself also lights up with thanks to the whopping 25,000 eco friendly LED lights from it’s top to toe. Can you see the people in the windows at the top?

Blackpool Tower Lit up, find out about Blackpool Illuminations
Blackpool Tower Lit up during Blackpool Illuminations

It’s a local beacon that lights up on most days and not just through the Illuminations season. It also magically changes colour! At 518 feet tall its 25,000 LEDs make a statement in the night sky and it often pays tribute in colour to various causes.

Gateway to the Town Centre

Near to North Pier, against the historic Roberts’ Oyster Rooms, is the ‘Brilliance’ arch.

Brilliance arch leading to Birley Street, find out about Blackpool Illuminations
Brilliance arch leading to Birley Street

That leads to Birley Street and the huge metal arches above the pedestrianised seating area. They extend the Illuminations into the town centre with a music and light show.

At Talbot Square in front of North Pier and the Town Hall there’s a lovely annual display of Christmas lights. More about that nearer the time!

About Blackpool Illuminations Heading North

Follow the promenade to Gynn Roundabout which always hosts a display of its own.

Bear left (keeping against the sea) and you’ll come to the magical world of the tableaux.

Alice in Wonderland Tableau, find out about Blackpool Illuminations
Alice in Wonderland Tableau at Blackpool Illuminations

Alice in Wonderland (above) was transformed for the 2014 season, and is on display with all of your favourites including Noddy and the Teddy Bears.

These huge displays stand proud on the Cliffs each year. It’s known as the Cliffs because it’s the only steep drop in an otherwise flat Blackpool!. You can walk alongside them to Red Bank Road at Bispham where the display ends with another arch over the road.

Contribute to Blackpool Illuminations

There’s another collection point at Bispham. It marks the beginning, or end, of your journey, and it’s where you can make a donation to the Illuminations fund.

Blackpool Illuminations collection point, find out more about Blackpool Illuminations
Blackpool Illuminations collection point

Fish and Chips and Fairy Lights

There’s something really magical about walking on foot through the Blackpool Illuminations.

Blackpool promenade, find out about Blackpool Illuminations
Blackpool promenade during the Illuminations

The dark evening air is full of the brightest lights, the pavements packed with children, parents and grandparents all sharing time and making memories.

I can’t bottle and describe the feeling of pleasure that you get from a bag of fresh, steaming hot fish and chips to share, as you walk along gazing at the sights.

You’ll also see plenty of street vendors selling all manner of illuminated, twirly headwear and light-up wands. Don’t forget that if you buy your merchandise from the LightPool Village on the Comedy Carpet you will also help the Illuminations fund.

Practical Things

If you’re new to Blackpool and need help with things like the location of public toilets and car parks, check out our Quick Guide here.

Blackpool Illuminations in the Past

The Illuminations stretch back for well over 100 years, back to a time when electricity was a magical, brand new thing!

An old postcard of the Blackpool Illuminations - Tuck Postcards. Find out about Blackpool Illuminations
An old postcard of the Blackpool Illuminations – Tuck Postcards

Take a look through the years as they’ve evolved, changed and grown through the decades, followed changing fashions and celebrity faces.

One thing is certain, they’ve always been well loved.

How the Blackpool Illuminations Get There

There’s no such thing as a ‘Blackpool Illuminations shop’ that you can pop to and buy a few lights!

Lightworks Blackpool Illuminations depot, find out about Blackpool Illuminations
Lightworks Blackpool Illuminations depot

Take a Lightworks Heritage Tour and see inside the fascinating Lightworks depot where everything is made. Everything, and we really mean everything, is custom made by the in-house team

Blackpool Council cover the basic annual running costs of maintaining and erecting the Illuminations, but fundraising is vital for their future.

Money raised through business sponsorship and from promenade donations is all invested into new displays to keep the attraction bright.

Inside Lightworks - find out about Blackpool Illuminations and where they are made
Inside Lightworks where the Blackpool Illuminations are made

You’ll be astonished when you read the facts and figures and find out how many lamps are used and miles of cable.

Lamps and cables and fittings, find out about Blackpool Illuminations and how they are made
Lamps and cables and fittings for Blackpool Illuminations at Lightworks depot

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