The Illuminations Boost for Blackpool

The Illuminations Boost for Blackpool

The Blackpool Illuminations keep this north west seaside resort busy and exciting right through to late Autumn

The Illuminations boost for Blackpool is immense. In surveys, the Lights are the number one reason why people visit Blackpool, year after year.

During the nights when they shine non-stop they attract about 4 million visitors to resort. Between them they’ll spend about £284 million.

Enjoying taking photos, in autumn there's an Illuminations Boost for Blackpool
Enjoying taking photos of the Illuminations

Autumn Illuminations Boost for Blackpool

The Illuminations make Blackpool a thriving and vibrant place to visit during the autumn months. It’s busy, it’s bright, there’s so much to see and do. It makes you feel alive!

Central promenade during Illuminations boost for Blackpool
Central promenade during Blackpool Illuminations

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Enjoy a walk along the promenade, look up into the night air at the lamps twinkling. Smell the candyfloss and hackney cab horses, hear the noise of people having fun, get a thrill from a passing Illuminated Heritage Tram.

This is Britain, it really doesn’t matter what the weather is doing! A balmy Indian Summer evening in September is just as enjoyable as a freezing, windy night in October. It’s what makes family memories, and it’s what makes for a great time.

Illuminations Boost for Blackpool Business

If you’re a business – of whatever type – £284 million is a lot of money to be spent locally.

It’s £4.3 million a day. It’s encouraged business spirit and legions of entrepreneurs here on the Fylde Coast. It supports businesses who directly benefit from Illuminations visitors. The ones who sell takeaways and meals, provide taxis along the prom, produce shows and theatre and hotel beds for weary travellers – and a whole lot more.

It also supports the many businesses that provide other services and products. The printers, accountants, air conditioning companies, furniture shops, retailers… the list goes on. Many people have jobs and earn a living because of the Illuminations.

How you can contribute

There are various ways that individuals and businesses can help. You can find out how you can contribute to the Blackpool Illuminations here.

There’s always been a business collection and a street collection. They raise much needed money for new displays and innovation. New things are what make people visit next year.

Changing Habits

The British holiday making habit has changed. UK seaside resorts just don’t see the vast numbers of visitors that they did in the 1970’s, and times are more tough. There’s also been a recession – which takes its toll on a general inclination to be charitable.

In recent years the business contribution has dropped significantly but financial support for the Illuminations is vital to maintain the number one position as the biggest visitor draw to Blackpool. They are paramount to the tourist industry and economy of Blackpool. The Lights extend the season and bring significant income when other UK seaside towns are no more than ghost towns.

At the end of the day, the bottom line is money. The bigger and better the show, the more visitors it will attract – and keep the Illuminations as the year-on-year number one reason for people to visit Blackpool and the Fylde Coast.

Without more funding, the team are unable to improve on what they have, they can only maintain it. Without progress, the Illuminations will stare at the slippery slope of decline. So if you feel able to help the Illuminations, please do!

Please support the Blackpool Illuminations, because they support you!

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