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New visitor? Some basic things to help you to get the most from your time in the Blackpool Illuminations

Hopefully you've had a look around this website and you're now fully illuminated (pardon the pun!) about this spectacle along Blackpool seafront. 

In this section we've put together a few simple things to help visitors to resort to have a really great experience, so you can enjoy your time here to the full, especially if you're new to town and need a helping hand. 

Enjoy Your Visit 

You might find it helpful to print out or bookmark the Quick Guide - information about simple but important things like toilets and car parking!

Make sure you've signed up to our weekly email newsletter. Each week you'll get the latest information about what's happening here on the Fylde Coast, straight to your inbox. Blackpool's more or less a year-round resort and there's always something to see and do here on the Fylde Coast.

Follow the Events Calendar - bookmark it in your browser. It's the most comprehensive list of what's happening along the full length of the Fylde, with events for residents and visitors all through the year.

Make sure you download the Blackpool Experience App too. It will bring the Lights to life and give you a host of other features to enjoy during yor visit.

If you think that we've missed something out that would have helped you then by all means send us a quick email - to and we'll do our very best to help. 

Enjoy your visit to the Blackpool Illuminations


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