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Events on the Fylde Coast

The Fylde Coast is the place to be for entertainment and variety with a wide range of public events, much of which is provided by the hundreds of community and amateur groups that are in the area.


Reminiscence Session at Fleetwood Library

Start: 19th May 2017 14:30
End: 19th May 2017 15:30
Venue: Fleetwood Library

Dementia Awareness Week - Reminiscence Session

Dementia is set to be the 21st century's biggest killer, but awareness and understanding remains low and many families are facing it alone.

This Dementia Awareness Week we have a unique reminiscence session looking at historic everyday items from the past, a great way to unlock memories and an interesting session for everyone.

Published: 7th April 2017
Modified: 8th April 2017

Events and dates may be subject to change. Check with the event organiser for details


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