Vintage Video of Blackpool Illuminations

Vintage Video of Blackpool Illuminations

Take a look back in time and enjoy a nostalgic trip to the past, with these old clips of vintage video of Blackpool Illuminations.

It’s the greatest and best loved free light show on earth. Blackpool Illuminations light up the night sky along the seafront of this Lancashire resort every year. They shine brightly from the end of August Bank Holiday week into the beginning of November.

In the Beginning….

It all started with just eight electric arc lamps in 1879.

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Standard incandescent lamps – ordinary ‘light bulbs’ – were used for many years. The Illuminations now run on low energy LEDs.

Find out more about the history of the Blackpool Illuminations here.

We’ve trawled the video archives of YouTube to bring you a selection of clips from the past. Pop on the kettle, sit back in your armchair, and enjoy a trip to the past…

BFI National Archive – 1930

British Pathé – 1935 to 1939

Vintage Video of Blackpool Illuminations from 1940-49
British Pathé

Vintage Video of Blackpool Illuminations from 1950
British Pathé

Blackpool Lights 1963

Video by Mackenzie Rough, published on YouTube in 2016.

Blackpool Illuminations 1969
British Pathé

Blackpool Illuminations 1969
from marcusch1

Blackpool Illuminations 1970-79
British Pathé

Blackpool Illuminations 2002 Official Promo

Blackpool Illuminations Unofficial Archive

If this has whetted your appetite and you’d like to carry on watching, have a look at this long list of links to old films. They’re in in date order, from 1923 to recent day. Plenty to pick from – choose the ones that mean something to you!

Please let us know if you find any old video clips that you think should be included in this page.

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