Carnival of Lights 2018

Carnival of Lights 2018

Make a date for the Carnival of Lights 2018. The Illuminated Tram Parade is back, complete with illuminated performers, and YOU!

25 October 2018

The first ever parade of Illuminated Heritage Trams took place in 2017 – and it was amazing!

You’ll be pleased to know that it’s back again this year.

Illuminated Tram Parade at Carnival of Lights 2018

Did you see the first ever convoy of Illuminated Heritage Trams in Blackpool last October?

They wound their way slowly along the promenade from South Shore to North Pier and then slowly went back again. The promenade was PACKED with people enjoying it, the parade led by the Spark! drummers.

Plans are for it to be BIGGER and BRIGHTER and the organisers want YOU to join in!

How you can join in with the Carnival of Lights 2018

It doesn’t matter whether you come as yourself, or come completely lit up like a Christmas Tree! The important thing is that you come along and join in.

But if you are coming along it would be churlish not to enter into the spirit of the event! Go on, enjoy yourself and let your hair down (actually, perhaps best to wear a hat, it’s sure to be cool!). At a basic minimum you could get a string of battery operated lights from the pound shop and wind them around your hat!!

  • Come lit up in lights
  • Carry something illuminated (please don’t bring any live flames, candles etc)
  • Got a mobility scooter? Make it into an illuminated float for one night only!
  • Dress up your pooch – bring him along to join in
  • Definitely dress up your kids – small kids, big kids, it’s a night for everyone to be a child again
  • Are you really adventurous? Dodgem cars, Sinclair C5’s (remember those?), scooters, home-made carts, prams – trim it up and take part!

Share your Creations for Carnival of Lights

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