Light Odyssey at LightPool

Light Odyssey at LightPool

Light Odyssey at LightPool is an amazing event and it’s coming to Blackpool on 18.8.18.

It’s a once in a lifetime chance to be immersed in sight and sound.

Light Odyssey at LightPool

Firstly, the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra will play live on stage in the Empress Ballroom.

If that’s not amazing enough, each note will be picked out and shown in a masterpiece of light on every wall, floor, person, chair and piece of furniture.

Feel the music course through your body, watch the notes as they come to life!

We’d love everyone to be able to see, hear and feel it but there’s a limit to how many people will fit inside the Empress Ballroom – so get your tickets quickly!

Watch this space for details!

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