LightPool - Grundy Art Gallery

LightPool - Grundy Art Gallery

‘Neon’ – exhibits on theme of Light – at the Grundy Art Gallery

LightPool at Grundy Art Gallery explores Light through exhibitions and commissions to coincide with Blackpool’s Illuminations season.

Paper, Canvas, Neon
– Celebrating LightPool at Grundy Art Gallery

Exhibition until 23 December 2017
Neon, I know I know, by Tracey Emin. Part of LightPool at Grundy Art Gallery
Neon, I know I know, by Tracey Emin. Part of LightPool at Grundy Art Gallery

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Evolution of LightPool at Grundy Art Gallery

In 2015 the gallery first presented ‘Sensory Systems’. A substantial new exhibition bringing together works by internationally acclaimed artists interested in the technology and science of light. Exhibits explored how it can be deployed and shaped to affect our perceptual experience of space.

‘NEON’ – new piece for LightPool at Grundy Art Gallery

In 2016 the light-themed programme was back with ‘Neon’ and a specially commissioned Neon exhibition. It featured the work of some of the most talented artists in the world, including this piece by Tracey Emin. 

Neon by Tracey Emin, part of LightPool at Grundy Art Gallery
Tracey Emin at the launch of her neon exhibition, ‘Love is What You Want’, in 2011.

NEON: The Charged Line is part of LightPool at Grundy Art Gallery and part of Lightpool festival. It’s aimed at re-inventing the Illuminations display and providing more opportunities for cultural experience in Blackpool town centre.

The neon exhibition brought together some of the most internationally renowned neon artworks from the 1960s to the present day. It was the most significant survey focusing solely on the medium of neon staged in the UK. Neon is a light source which has shone in Blackpool since the 1930s.

Key pieces from more than 25 of the world’s foremost artists working in the medium were shown. It featured well known artists including Emin and Gavin Turk, who rose to prominence in the 1990s as ‘young British artists’ or yBa’s.

Admission to the Grundy Art Gallery is free to all, however donations to keep the gallery running are kindly accepted.

Purchase of Artworks for LightPool at Grundy Art Gallery

In 2016 Blackpool Council’s Grundy Art Gallery was awarded £80,000 by the Art Fund’s New Collecting Award to buy new artworks around the theme of light.

The £80,000 award to then Curator Richard Parry was the joint highest sum. The same amount went to curators at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton and the National Galleries of Scotland.

The idea of the awards is to invest in the development of promising curators at early points in their careers across the UK. Through the scheme, museum professionals are each given a budget to pursue a completely new avenue of collecting in their institutions.

‘I Know I Know I Know’ by Tracey Emin was acquired with the funding as is now part of the Grundy Art Gallery’s permanent collection.

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