LightPool - Village

LightPool - Village

The LightPool Village is on the Comedy Carpet at Tower Festival Headland

You’ll find the LightPool Village at Tower Festival Headland – right in front of Blackpool Tower!

What you’ll find at LightPool Village

The magnificent digital projection shows on the front of Blackpool Tower are beamed from an unassuming black trailer on the Comedy Carpet.

LightPool Digital Projection Show onto the Blackpool Tower, beamed from LightPool Village
LightPool Digital Projection Show onto the Blackpool Tower

Also at the LightPool Village are trailers for hot drinks and light snacks, and it’s where you collect your photo souvenirs.

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No visit to the Blackpool Illuminations is complete without a flashing light-sabre or a pair of illuminated deely-boppers. After all the thing that we all like about the Lights is that they take us back to the carefree days of our childhood. If only for a few hours before we are transported back to the endless monotony of being a responsible adult!

Please buy your light-ups from the official retailers at LightPool Village and you’ll know that all the profit is being invested back into the Illuminations. All of the funds raised are vital to the future development of the Lights.

All of the profits from sales at LightPool Village are reinvested back into the Illuminations to continue to improve them in the future.

LightPool Light-ups

LightPool Village Souvenirs – Snapcast

You might have gathered by now that I’m a big kid at heart and love Blackpool and the Lights. So I was tickled when I investigated LightPool Snapcast…

LightPool Snapcast Kiosk

The main feature of the £2m LightPool programme is the 3D projection shows which are beamed on to the big red brick building that’s the base of Blackpool Tower.

Well, you can also have your own photo projected onto the Tower, along with a souvenir photo to take home!

How SnapCast works:

Go in the LightPool Snapcast Kiosk and have your photo taken against a green screen, and with the Switch On Switch too! They give you a ticket which you take to the counter to make sure the right person gets the right photo.

LightPool Village green screen photo booth  LightPool Snapcast ticket

Choose which souvenir photos you’d like to buy and take home, and have your photo projected onto the front of the Tower!

Call me easily pleased but I was beyond thrilled with my souvenir photo and it’s in my archive of things to look back on when I’m an old(er) woman. I was even more thrilled to think that I might be on the front of Blackpool Tower that night!

It’s also a wonderful memory to keep for a group of family members, or colleagues at work.

Happy snapping!

LightPool Snapcast souvenir photo

Take a look at LightPool digital projection shows here

Great Atmosphere

When it goes dark the LightPool Village takes on a different, great atmosphere!

It’s a place to linger about, enjoy the dark night air, and watch the shows on the Blackpool Tower.

LightPool Village on the Comedy Carpet at Blackpool Tower Festival Headland
LightPool Village on the Comedy Carpet at Blackpool Tower Festival Headland
LightPool Village at Tower Headland
LightPool Village at Tower Headland

It’s also where the LightPool Festival will be based, the fabulous free festival of Lights, at October half term.

It was a glorious sunny afternoon in early September when I called to have a look. My video clip (below) is in broad daylight so you don’t get the impression of the Illuminations.

But with loud music playing there was a great atmosphere. I could have loitered about all afternoon just soaking it in and enjoying the music. It’s even better still in the dark!

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