Hello, I'm Chrissie. I can't get over how lucky I am to be living at the seaside, as more than ten years later I still love living at Cleveleys. I hope you enjoy my slightly cock-eyed look at life - come back regularly for a look at everyday life at the seaside, as I wander round from subject to subject. I can't help it but the weather often features, as do the ordinary things that we all do everyday, along with the very different things that you get to see and do here.


Please send your own thoughts and articles and we'll publish them here, credited to you. Just email text and jpeg photos to jane@theRabbitPatch.co.uk

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A Day on the Beach
A new painting took me right back to summer holidays and days on the beach, many years ago

Published: 23rd June 2017 Modified: 23rd June 2017
Fed up to the Back Teeth
It looks like we weren't the only ones who had trouble with our local dentist

Published: 22nd June 2017 Modified: 22nd June 2017
Chat from Chrissie Towers and Park Life
Are you enjoying the summer? We are, plus news from the works to improve bathing water quality at Anchorsholme.

Published: 20th June 2017 Modified: 20th June 2017
Summer's Come!
A glorious weekend, more sun to come, and with it memories of summers gone by

Published: 19th June 2017 Modified: 19th June 2017
Our Afternoon Out
A sunny afternoon for a trip to the seaside

Published: 17th June 2017 Modified: 17th June 2017
Cleveleys Car Show 2017
Shame it was so windy on Sunday for the Car Show - but it was a good afternoon out. Did you go?

Published: 13th June 2017 Modified: 13th June 2017
Summer Weather - and Good News for Blackpool
Using the word 'summer' loosely, as it's not, and the new Viva Vegas Diner opens this week

Published: 11th June 2017 Modified: 11th June 2017
The Future of Uncle Tom's Cabin
After a long while of being up for sale, Uncle Tom's Cabin has a bright future ahead

Published: 9th June 2017 Modified: 9th June 2017
Supermarket Sweep - or Slow Lane?
The curse of the self-service checkout 'til - when customers refuse to use them

Published: 8th June 2017 Modified: 8th June 2017
Sunshine Walks and Sad Events
While we enjoyed a walk in the sunshine on Sunday, we thought about the poor people caught up in recent attacks.

Published: 6th June 2017 Modified: 6th June 2017
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