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Contribute to The Blackpool Illuminations Fund

There are many ways in which you can contribute as an individual or a business to the Blackpool Illuminations fund and here's a new one for 2016

Blackpool Illuminations is a wonderful annual event - and it needs your help to thrive!

Each year, the Blackpool Illuminations attracts over 4 million visitors to Blackpool and the Fylde Coast. It's both a spectacle to see and a significant economic boost for the coast - so everyone wins!

Contribute to the Blackpool Illuminations Fund

Money Needed for New Things

Blackpool Council pay for the Illuminations to be maintained, put up and to appear on our promenade each year.

The Illuminations Fund exists to collect additional money from the people who enjoy them and the businesses who benefit, to pay for new features and innovation. This refreshes the Lights as a major attraction and gives people a reason to keep returning each year. 

By making a donation and by buying your merchandise from the official retailers in the new LightPool village, you can help to fund the development of new features in the Illuminations and make them bigger and brighter in the future.

New Collection Points

One of the fabulous new features for 2016 is the new donation stations - there's one at either end of the promenade to welcome you with an arch over the road and a swag of glittering LED lights. 

Make your donation in the new collection cabin and collect your souvenir brochure (see below) and see your own personal 'Thank You' lit up above your head in lights! 

Blackpool Illuminations Collection Point

Have a look at this video clip of the new collection points in action

Illuminations Souvenir Brochure – New Way to Donate for 2016!

Visit the fabulous Blackpool Illuminations and for a donation of £5 or more, you'll be given a copy of this brand new souvenir programme in thanks for your kind support.

Blackpool Illuminations Souvenir Brochure

More about the Blackpool Illuminations 2016 Souvenir Programme

Other Ways to Contribute:

In these pages you'll find lots of other ideas about how you can help to support the Blackpool Illuminations - maybe with a one off donation or if you live locally by becoming more involved.

If you've enjoyed your visit please contribute at one of the promenade collection points. If you have a local business which benefits please make a donation. 

Loose Change: look for one of the distinctive purple collection boxes on counters around town and add your spare change. 

Crowdfunding: get your name in (the) Lights with your own named Lamp. Find out more in the Buy a Lamp page.

Appear in the Lights: as a member of the public, for £49.99 you can see your face in (the) Lights with a Headlight Illumination of your own.

Appear in the Lights: as a business, for just £150 + vat you can get your company name and logo in the Illuminations with a Logolight

Promenade Collection: whether you are on foot or in a car, you can make a donation at both ends of the display - look out for these green lights in the photo below, and find out more here

Online: Make an online contribution to the Blackpool Illuminations fund here

Business Donation: Blackpool and Fylde Coast businesses are invited to make a business donation to the Blackpool Illuminations fund - in support of the value that the Illuminations add to your business.

Sponsorship: There are different ways in which your business can benefit from sponsorship of the Blackpool Illuminations, and it's not as expensive as you might think to see your company name in Lights. There's more information about Business Sponsorship here.

Collection point for Blackpool Illuminations


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