See your business name the Illuminations display, with Logolights

With Logolights you can see your business star in the world famous Blackpool Illuminations and catch the eye of 4 million visitors!

You’ll have seen the ‘Headlights’ – the display of faces in the tableau section.

‘Logolights’ were a new addition for the 2014 display, giving businesses a chance to have their name and logo displayed in the Lights.

Buy a Logo in Blackpool Illuminations with Logolights
Buy a Logo in Blackpool Illuminations with Logolights

Buy your Logolight

The 150 slots are displayed next to the popular ‘Headlights’ feature, on the famous Cliffs section opposite the old Miner’s Home at North Shore.

Logolights at Blackpool Illuminations
Logolights at Blackpool Illuminations

They’re still just £150 (plus vat). Get your business a starring role in this year’s Illuminations – and support the future of the Lights.

Logolights can be Yours to Keep

For just £9.99 to cover the cost of postage and handling your Logolight will be sent back to to you. They will be despatched after the display has been dismantled.

Logolights are a laminated print (the frame it’s displayed in isn’t included) so you could do various things with yours. You could have a lightbox made to display it illuminated as it was on the prom. Or you could mount it in a frame and put it on the wall, or just keep it safe as a keepsake to look back on.

What to Supply

Please provide a simple, clear and crisp messages for maximum impact. The size of the displayed print is 520mm x 520mm.

All that you’ll need to send is a JPEG of your logo no less than 3mb in size, and that can be emailed in.

Find out how to buy yours at this link

See a loved ones face in lights, with Blackpool ‘Headlights’

Don’t forget that there are other ways to contribute to the Blackpool Illuminations fund

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