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Appear in the Lights: Buy a Lamp

You can have your very own lightbulb (or two!) in the Illuminations, for just a pound... here's how

Own your very own piece of the Illuminations with the new 'Buy a Lamp' campaign

The "Buy a Lamp" campaign was launched in Spring 2014 and in the first year almost 2000 lightbulbs, personalised with your own message, were used in the Illuminations display. £1 buys your name on a lamp for one year. 

Lamps available at:

  • the Tourist Information Centre on Blackpool Promenade,
  • Lightworks Illuminations Depot at Squires Gate
  • various venues and events around town.

You need to buy and personalise your lamp before 12 August for it to appear in the current year display.

Buy a Lamp Campaign from Friends of Blackpool Illuminations 

The idea is simple: you sponsor a lightbulb for just £1 and write your name or message on it with permanent marker. All the lightbulbs sold before 12 August will be used in the current years display* so you really can tell everyone that you've got your name in lights! (Those sold after that cut-off date will be used the following year).

In the 2014 season, all the named lamps were used in the double festoon stretch which runs above the pavement in front of Club Sanuk, opposite the Metropole Hotel near North Pier. So it's a safe spot for you to stand and study the skies while gazing upwards and trying to find yours! You really could see the names on the lamps - but the ones where people had written a short name in bold letters were the clearest.

Watch this space for news where the Buy a Lamp 2015 display will be! 

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Where to Buy a Lamp

The Friends will be out and about during the year selling lightbulbs at events throughout Blackpool, they're also available at the Tourist Information Centre (Festival House) on central promenade and some selected venues.

If any of our 'Friends' would like to buy any of the lamps you can write to us enclosing your cheque and we will happily write your name on them for you. You can have as many as you care to buy, they are £1 each.

Please post your cheques to:-
Illuminations Dept
Shorebury Point
Amy Johnson Way

When Will your Lamps be Used?

Lamps with names on ready to use in the Blackpool Illuminations

Lamps sold up to mid August will be used in the current years display. Don't worry, they are still on sale after that date and through the Illuminations period - any lamps sold after mid August will be used in the display the following year. 

Buy a Lamp at Blackpool Pride

The Friends of the Iluminations have been out and about during the 2015 season, attending coffee mornings and season launch events at the attractions. During the weekend of 13-14 June, they were in the Winter Gardens with Buy a Lamp during the Gay Pride weekend. Even the Queen bought one - did you get yours?

Buy a Lamp at Blackpool Pride

Buy a Lamp at Blackpool Pride

Buy a Lamp at Blackpool Pride

Friends of the Illuminations, take Buy a Lamp to the Houndshill

The Friends of the Illuminations have been out and about all over the place during 2014 with Buy a Lamp. On Saturday 14 June 2014 they were in the Houndshill during Pride weekend with their Buy a Lamp Stand.

Buy a Lamp Campaign from Friends of Blackpool Illuminations
A couple of famous faces popped by to get their name in Lights - remember Black Lace?

More about Buy a Lamp

The Friends of the Illuminations launched the new 'Buy a Lamp' campaign in early April 2014.

Buy a Lamp Campaign from Friends of Blackpool Illuminations

It's an exciting new fundraising campaign which gives you a chance to buy your very own little bit of the Lights for just £1, and as official Ambassadors of the Friends, we're delighted to be able to support this campaign.

Buy a Lamp kicks off - May 14

The Friends have been with their lamps to the Visit Blackpool and StayBlackpool season launches, and various attraction season launches and coffee mornings. Everyone thinks it's a great idea and is very keen to get their own name on a lamp!

It comes as fundraising begins in earnest for the 2014 display with new illuminations ambassadors joining the campaign to make the show the best ever.

Buy a Lamp Campaign from Friends of Blackpool Illuminations
Shirley Hunt (above), leader of Friends of Blackpool Illuminations, hopes the campaign will be a huge success.

Shirley said: “This is a unique opportunity for people to become involved in Blackpool Illuminations for just £1.

“It’s a unique concept that builds on the success of last year’s fundraising efforts and draws inspiration from ‘Buy a Brick’ campaigns which are often so successful in helping new buildings to be created.

“There are more than a million bulbs used in the Illuminations display each year so people will have a job finding their name.

“I will be hugely impressed if anyone does but it might be fun trying!”

Launch of 'Buy a Lamp'

An exciting launch was held at the Lightworks Depot on 15 April 2014, the huge home of the Illuminations when they're being built and restored over the winter, prior to being assembled throughout the summer months ready for the display to begin at the end of August.

What's the difference between a Bulb and a Lamp?

Everyone had originally coined the term 'Buy a Bulb', and noticed that the Illuminations people had changed it to 'Buy a Lamp'.

When asked why, and what was the difference, we were told 'bulbs grow underground'. So now you know!


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