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In this section, explore the world famous Blackpool Illuminations. Find out about the Switch On festival, what time the lights come on every day, basic stuff like where the toilets are if you’re new to town. Maybe you’d like to share your story – plus find out more about the Christmas Lights too.

Blackpool Illuminations
Switch On Festival

Each year the Blackpool Illuminations start with Switch On night. It’s a much loved tradition which goes back to the beginning of the attraction, where the famous face of the day flicks the switch to declare the start of the lights for that year. It’s an honour that’s been bestowed on actors, singers and famous people –
even a race horse! - the Switch On event is now the Blackpool Illuminations Switch On Festival, which takes place over the full weekend.

Switch On always takes place on the Friday night at the end of August Bank Holiday week.

Daily Switch On Times

The Switch On Festival is a huge, important event at the start of the season, but the important thing for you is what time the lights come on on the day when you want to visit!

Daily switch on time changes throughout the season, getting earlier each week as the nights get darker earlier. You can find all the times for this year here.

Christmas Lights

Of course the Lights in Blackpool don’t end when the Illuminations season finishes in November, because there’s the Christmas Lights to look forward to too.

The Illuminations display in front of Blackpool Tower stays up and is lit throughout the festive season, along with the Tower itself. There are lights at Talbot Square in front of the Town Hall, at St Johns Square in front of the Winter Gardens, and on streets throughout the town centre.

About Your Visit

If you’re visiting a place for the first time you’ll want to have an idea of what to expect. Where the toilets are, how long it will take you to travel through the Illuminations etc, so that’s the general kind of practical thing which you’ll find here.

The Blackpool Illuminations
and Me

We want to share your story about what you love about the Lights, so please send in some photos and a bit of a story and we’ll publish it in ‘The Blackpool Illuminations and Me’.

You don’t have to be an expert at writing, just tell us what you think and we’ll sort out the grammar and punctuation!

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