Appear in the Lights: Headlights

Appear in the Lights: Headlights

See your face, a loved ones or even your pet appear in the Blackpool Illuminations, with Headlights!

With one of your very own Headlights you can appear in the Illuminations display, on the Cliffs at North Shore.

All you have to do is provide your favourite photograph and the Illuminations team at Lightworks HQ will do the rest.

Buy your own Headlights at Blackpool Illuminations

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For just £49.99, you can immortalise yourself with one of the Headlights in the Blackpool Illuminations. It’s a perfect idea for a present and a keepsake that will last throughout the autumn months.

The Headlights appear in the tableaux section on the Cliffs at Bispham. Get up close to them and search through the faces – until you find yours!

Headlights can be Yours to Keep

For an extra fee to cover the cost of postage, Headlights can be yours to keep once the display is dismantled in Autumn. 

The casing in which they are displayed isn’t included, but you can have the laminated image back to do with as you wish.

You could do a number of things with yours when you get it back. You could have a lightbox made and display it inside or outside – maybe for Christmas? Or frame it and hang it on the wall.  Or treasure a lovely keepsake to look back on.

Just pay an extra £9.99 to cover postage and handling. Your Headlight print will be returned to you after the end of the Illuminations in November.

Valentines Headlights 2014 - Jade and Mark Warburton
Valentines Headlights 2014 – Jade and Mark Warburton

What to Supply

All you have to provide is a clear head and shoulders shot. Digital images by email (minimum of 3 mega pixels) or photographs (min 10”x8”) by post. The colourising special effects will then be added to your image.

Details of how to submit your image will be provided with your order confirmation. Make sure you order yours before the middle of August, before the Lights go on!

Find out how to buy yours at this link

Don’t forget that there are other ways to contribute to the Blackpool Illuminations fund

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