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Friends of Blackpool Illuminations

The Blackpool Illuminations bring millions of people to the resort each year, which also adds millions of pounds to the local economy.

The Friends of Blackpool Illuminations work to raise the profile of the visitor attraction among the local business community, encouraging local companies to make donations and/or sponsor the Lights, so that they can continue to shine for the future.

According to the proverb ‘Many hands make light work’, and with the financial support of the local business community, Blackpool Illuminations can be improved, maintaining their place as everyone’s favourite seaside attraction.

Read about the Ambassadors and their own events and fundraising work, the celebrity patron Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen, and much more.


Everyone and anyone can say that they’ve helped to support the Blackpool Illuminations.

If you just love the show and want to feel like you own a little bit of it you can ‘Buy a Lamp’. At one end of the scale, for just a pound you can have your very own named lightbulb in the world famous display, or at the other extreme if you’ve got a local business you might want to invest a substantial amount of money in your own tableau display at the cliffs at Bispham.

You can also find out here about celebrity and business supporters, how you can make a donation in the roadside collection, and lots more.

Our Supporters

Please support the businesses and organisations which support us!

The Blackpool Illuminations.info website is one of a suite of linked websites about the Fylde Coast which are published by us here at The Rabbit Patch.

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Here in this section you'll find lots of other local businesses who promote their services and products through our other Visit Fylde Coast websites.

This website and the others in the range are completely independently published. It takes a huge amount of time and resource to publish and keep refreshed, and we can only continue to produce and improve a product like this for you to enjoy if we receive the support of the business community.

If you do patronise any of the businesses which you see advertised here, please mention that you saw them on this website.

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