Did you Know? Interesting Facts & Figures

Did you Know? Interesting Facts & Figures

Did you know… we like interesting facts and figures and we know that you do too! Take a look at our list of 19 Oh I didn’t know that interesting facts and figures about the Blackpool Illuminations.

The Blackpool Illuminations isn’t just about lightbulbs. It’s easy to take them for granted, after all they’ve been shining for over 100 years. As you drive or walk through the dazzling display, stop for a minute and wonder….

How do the Illuminations get there?

They don’t just appear and you can’t just go and buy them from a Blackpool Illuminations shop! They’re designed and made right here in Blackpool.

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Anyone who lives at the coast, or visits in our extreme winter weather, knows what kind of conditions that the lamps and fittings endure. And that’s just the wind and rain.

Then there are the logistics of getting them in place in time for Switch On each year.

The Lights we love to look at are part of a twelve month cycle of work. Together everything creates this list of interesting facts and figures about the Blackpool Illuminations.

Interesting Facts and Figures about the Blackpool Illuminations…

1. The Blackpool Illuminations cost over £2 million a year to stage

2. About 4 million visitors come to Blackpool each year during their annual run.

3. This army of visitors spend more than £284 million during their visit to the seaside resort.

4. Each display will shine non-stop for over 60 nights.

5. The dazzling display stretches almost six miles from Starr Gate in the south to Bispham in the north. There’s more about the Illuminations here

6. More than 500 scenic designs and features make up the sight.

Interesting facts & figures. Double decker buses tableaux in the Blackpool Illuminations
Double decker buses tableaux in the Blackpool Illuminations

7. Over forty large tableaux are included in the display (like this one above). They cover more than 5,000 square metres in total surface area. Find out all about the tableaux here.

8. More than 100 miles of festoon strip are strung between promenade poles and across the carriageway.

9. Cabling and wiring like this in the photo below, stretches for more than 200 miles.

Interesting facts & figures. Wires and cables at the Blackpool Illuminations
Wires and cables at the Blackpool Illuminations

…and more interesting facts & figures!

10. Over one million LED lamps are used in various types and styles.

11. Most of the display now operates on the 24V SEL V ‘separated extra low voltage‘.

12. You’ll be surprised to know that the electricity which is used has been slashed by 2/3 in ten years from 1.5MW to less than 0.5MW annually. That’s mainly due to the use of LED technology.

13. It’s heavy kit! The equipment weighs more than 711,000 kilograms.

14. Twenty eight staff work all year round to ensure that the displays are ready on time. That includes artists, electricians, joiners, mechanics, painters, riggers and engineers.

Interesting facts & Figures. Installing the Illuminations on Blackpool promenade
Installing the Illuminations on Blackpool promenade

15. Over 50,000 staff hours are used in maintenance, preparation, erection, operation and – finally – dismantling the features, fixtures and fittings.

16. Lightworks is the ultramodern Illuminations depot. It opened in 2010 and is the home for the design, construction, maintenance and storage of the display.

17. The mountain of equipment which is used is worth over £10 million

18. In 1994/5 new infrastructure was installed for the Illuminations, street lighting and tramways at a cost of £9 million.

19. More than 1,500 poles support the dazzling display.

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  1. Avatar

    I remember as a child (im 61 now) absolutely adored going to see the illuminations, i remember a Friday and Saturday nights the flow of traffic was one way only. The cars crawled very very slowly bumper to bumper up the promenade.

    I lived in Marton and Friday and Saturday night the traffic coming up Preston new road and converging at the Oxford roundabout was just mad, quite impossible to cross the huge que to get accross to Whitegate drive. The que was very slowly making its way to the start of the one way system at star gate area to the begining of the illuminations. I remember the excitement of the drive through the lights And The dissapointment of reaching Red Bank Road where they ended.

    There are a few remaining ones that still shine from my childhood.

    Hickory dickory doc

    Mary mary quite contrary

    Little miss muffet sat on her tuffet

    Humpty dumpty sat on a wall

    When i see them still shining, it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling.
    It makes me wonder how old they are. We are so very lucky to live where we do.

    Happy days they were.

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