Art Trail at Lightpool Festival

Art Trail at Lightpool Festival

Explore the visual art trail at Lightpool Festival this year, find it in and around Blackpool town centre.

You can also pick up a fold-out leaflet with all of this information included.

Find out more about the Lightpool Festival 2018, including other events, installations and performance, at this link

Your Guide to the Art Trail at Lightpool Festival

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Photo gallery of the installations is below this guide.

Map Code Artist/Company Work Location Description
1 Blackpool Illuminations Critter Divided (2018) Bickerstaffe Square, FY1 3AH An Illumination’s favourite from 2003 re-imagined in homage to Damien Hirst.
2 Mark Titchner Plenty and Progress (2016) Grundy Art Gallery, FY1 N1PU “Plenty and Progress” references Blackpool’s town motto of ‘Progress’ and is composed from elements of Claudegen’s various 1930’s neon designs for the Town Hall.
3 Chris Paul Daniels Northern Lights (2018) Grundy Art Gallery, Queen Street, FY1 1PU. See overleaf for Gallery Opening Hours. A voice from the future, or ‘visitor from another place’ interrogates the traditions and artefacts of the Blackpool Illuminations. Original music by Graham Massey; shot on location at Lightworks. UK gallery premier: co-commissioned by Grundy Art Gallery and ICA Art and Screen Network. Join Chris and Graham at the Grundy on Saturday 27 October, 2–4pm for an Artist’s talk/Q&A.
4 Blackpool Illuminations Spaceman (1970) Central Library, Queen St, FY1 1PX First designed by Alan Cockcroft in 1970 to celebrate the moon landings, a replica of the Neil Armstrong’s space suit
5 Late at the Library Central Library, Queen St, FY1 1PX We are transforming Central Library into an illuminated wonderland for families. 5-7pm, Thurs-Fri
6 Mark Titchner If you can dream it you must do it (2016) Springfield Road, FY1 1QU The hypnotic work ‘If You Can Dream It, You Must Do’ seeks to inspire us to take the future for ourselves in a process of collective realisation.
7 Blackpool Illuminations A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies  (2018) Metropole Colonnade, FY1 1NE Elements from Laurence Llewelyn Bowen’s Decodance (2007) reimagined for the Lightpool Festival
8 Blackpool Illuminations Tap! (2015) Princess Parade, FY1 1RQ Mind you don’t get wet! The Illuminations tap was first seen in 2015 as part of Sunderland Illuminations
9 Jo Berry Fluted Pylons (2012) Promenade,FY1 1NE Jo berry has interpreted five fluted pylons with themes taken from the Illuminations’ original 1930’s collection
10 Jane Webb Electroniki K9 Walk (2018) Cenotaph, FY1 1NE A boy walking his dog home: created with wire recycled from computer and electronic components. Webb is inspired by the e-waste landfill, this work encouraging us to look after our planet, as this is the next generation’s home. A SHINE commission
11 Mark Titchner Routine (2018) & No them only us (2016) North Pier Screen, FY1 1NE ‘Routine’ combines a series of repeated self-improvement mantras with archive footage of once familiar but now outdated Windows screensavers.
‘No them only us’ is a gently moving video animation originally produced after the EU referendum to  present a  message of openness, internationalism, diversity and commonality.
12 Hannah Fox Lancashire Moon (2018) Wedding Chapel, Promenade, FY1 1AP Our moon is ever-present yet ever-changing. Faces of Lancashire folk have become the template behind this hand-drawn animation; our moon in Blackpool, entitled ‘Love’, features in-love couples, several of whom were married at the Wedding Chapel, including Kelly Garrick, its first ever bride. A co-commission with Light up Lancaster and Lancashire Encounter.
13 Cordwainer Bird Jr. Emotisphere (2018) Promenade,FY1 1NE A blend of the Blackpool-style seaside amusement fun machine with the latest RGB technology. Make the ball come to life and discover your inner love quotient. Commissioned for Lightpool 2018.
14 Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen Portrait of self (2018) NR Comedy Carpet, FY1 1AP A deliberately and stylishly surreal statement that suggests that the self-revelatory image of a self-portrait is not always as honest as it seems. A new commission for Lightpool 2018.
15 Tower Projections Lightpool Village, FY1 5BB State of the art video-mapping technology brings Blackpool Tower to life.  New for 2018 includes Circus 250, spotlighting the Blackpool Tower circus and its illustrious history, and a short film to celebrate Sooty’s 70th birthday with an introduction from the bear himself. Shows every 15 minutes.
16 Blackpool Illuminations Surf the Lightwave (2018) Lightpool Village, FY1 5BB Test your surfing abilities to generate a light-wave, and keep the illuminations shining! New commission for Lightpool 2018, In partnership with Lancaster University School of Computing and Communications.
17 Luke Jerram Museum of the Moon (2016) Blackpool Tower Ballroom,FY1 4BJ World famous, this 7m, internally-lit moon features 120dpi detailed NASA imagery, with each cm representing c.5km of the lunar surface. Experience Blackpool Tower Ballroom in a completely different light. Access from the Promenade Entrance
18 Gillian Hobson Mirror Stage (2018) Victoria Street, FY1 4BJ A kaleidoscope of moving image, colour and light, this immersive installation plays with ideas of the homely and un-homely to consider what it means to be ‘at home’ in the 21st Century. A SHINE commission.
19 Megan Fell Colour Curiosity (2018) Matcham Court, FY1 1NB You are invited to interact with the furniture and find the colourful and silly world inside the opened drawers. Regain your childhood playfulness and engage in a world of wonder and exploration. A SHINE commission.
20 Ronan Devlin Aura (2018) Hounds Hill, 67-71 Victoria Street, FY1 4RJ A digital mirror to reflect motion and emotion, using camera a biometric sense technology, with your movement and mood relayed as a colour tone.  A SHINE commission.
21 Mads Christensen Cathedral of Mirrors (2015) Winter Gardens, FY1 1HW 12 towering columns of light respond to movement, creating an immersive environment. From LA- based light artist Mads Christensen and commissioned by Quays Culture at MediaCity UK.
22 Pulsar Light Winter Gardens Dome (2018) Winter Gardens Dome, FY1 1HW Make sure to look up when you get to the Winter Gardens and take a look at the panoramic lighting inside the dome. Supplied by Pulsar, this lighting display creates 360 degrees of colour. Pulsar are based in Cambridge and specialise in architectural lighting, with installations worldwide.
23 Blackpool Illuminations Tiffany Umbrellas (2018) Winter Gardens Canopy, FY1 1HW The Tiffany Delights road section, originally designed in 1999 by Graham Ogden, reimagined to illuminate 16 umbrellas that adorn the Winter Gardens canopy.
24 Blackpool Illuminations Stained Glass (2018) St Johns Sq, FY1 1BP Designed by Graham Ogden in 2004, and reimagined for Lightpool 2018
25 Blackpool Illuminations Endless Knot (2018) Church Street, FY1 4NP A playful reflection on our endless journeys to and from work
26 David Ogle Dusk (2018) Church Street, FY1 1HT Within a disused retail unit, this installation produces an abstracted landscape stretching out before the viewer. Referencing Blackpool as a coastal community that is framed by the sea (and the effects of light as the sun dips below the waterline), the work reimagines these natural elements in an unexpected context.
27 Blackpool Illuminations Brilliance (2009) Birley Street, FY1 1DU The light and sound show was the first of its kind in the UK. Based on a continuous ribbon spiralling in and out of the ground, its six metal arches criss-cross Birley Street with custom-designed luminaires.
28 Bob and Roberta Smith Art is your Human Right (2016) Abingdon Street,FY1 1DE Illuminated words hang at eye-catching locations along Abingdon Street, from one of the UK’s leading artists. Commissioned by LeftCoast and Blackpool Illuminations for LightPool 2016.

Gallery of Installations

Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
1. Critter Divided
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
2. Plenty & Progress
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
3. Chris Daniels – Northern Lights
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
4. Spaceman – Blackpool Illuminations 2015
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
5. Late at the Library
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
6. If you can dream it you must do it
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
7. Butterflies
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
8. Tap
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
9. Fluted Pylons
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
11. No them only us
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
12. Lancashire Moon – Hannah Fox
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
13. Emotisphere
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
14. A portrait of self
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
15. Tower Projections
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
16. Yoko Ono – Onochord
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
17. Surf the Lightwave
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
18. Museum of the Moon
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
19. Mirror Stage
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
20. Colour Curiosity
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
21. Cathedral of Mirrors
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
22. Pulsar Winter Gardens Dome
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
23. Tiffany Umbrellas
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
24. Leaded Lights – Angel
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
25. Endless Knot
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
26. Dusk
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
27. Brilliance
Art Trail at Lightpool Festival
28. Art is your human right

You can explore these artworks individually or tick them off on your trail. In addition, you can join events to tour the trail.

Events Around the Art Trail at Lightpool Festival

Thurs 25 Oct at 8pm – Tour the Art Trail

Free guided tour, meet in St. John’s Square

Fri 26 Oct

  • 2pm | Curator’s Tour | Grundy Art Gallery
  • 5-7pm | Grundy Art Gallery forecourt | Save Our Stories RescueShip with family activities
  • 5-7pm | Grundy Art Gallery | Late Opening
  • 5.30 and 6.30pm | Performance | Central Library |The Nixies – Melanie Whitehead
  • 6pm | Tour the Art Trail| Free guided tour, meet in St. John’s Square

Sat 27 Oct

  • 11am-1pm | Screen Printing workshop | Grundy Art Gallery | £3
    Themed on the Illuminations, led by The Grundy. Booking essential: 01253 478 170
  • 2-4pm | Artist’s Talk | Grundy Art Gallery | Chris Paul Daniels
    Join Chris and musician Graham Massey to introduce Northern Lights
  • 5-6pm | Grundy Art Gallery | Late Opening
  • 6pm | Tour the Art Trail | Free guided tour, meet in St. John’s Square

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