LightPool - 3D Light Shows on Blackpool Tower

LightPool - 3D Light Shows on Blackpool Tower

See free light shows on Blackpool Tower this autumn, with the LightPool 3D Digital Projection Shows. They’re back at Blackpool Illuminations this year and you’ll be able to see them throughout the full Season.

Watch the free light shows from the Comedy Carpet when they’re screened several times every night. You’ll be amazed by fairytale, fantasy and fact in the amazing displays as they’re projected onto the buildings at the base of Blackpool Tower.

Blackpool Promenade during the Illuminations
light shows on Blackpool Tower - 3D Digital Projection shows throughout the Illuminations season
Light show on Blackpool Tower – 3D Digital Projection shows throughout the Illuminations season

New 3D Light Shows on Blackpool Tower for 2018

The Circus250 Projection show celebrates the vast history of circus and the Blackpool Tower circus.

Circus 250 - one of the new Light Shows on Blackpool Tower
Circus 250 – one of the new Light Shows on Blackpool Tower

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Circus250 is a national project, celebrating the 250th anniversary of circus in the UK. Blackpool was chosen as one of the six cities of circus and is celebrating with a season long programme of special events.

One of the new light shows on Blackpool Tower, the Circus 250 projection begins with Philip Astley. He was responsible for the first ever circus in 1768.

The show looks back on the glorious history of circus, with a strong emphasis on our own Blackpool Tower circus. Did you know that it’s the longest continuous circus in Britain!

It focuses on fond memories, sensational acts and larger than life characters from past and present, which have inspired entertainment in Blackpool and throughout the world.

You can be the star of this show! Visit Blackpool will be requesting that the public send in four still images of themselves. They’ll be used in the projection show so you can be one of the audience members projected onto Blackpool Tower. You’ll be animated using these shots.

New Sooty Show

The Sooty Projection Show is another one of the new light shows on Blackpool Tower. It’s a short film celebrating Sooty’s 70th Birthday, and includes an introduction from Sooty himself!

Did you know that Sooty was discovered on North Pier? That’s where you can see the original glove puppet – why don’t you go and take a look.

Clips from LightPool Digital Projection Shows

The following video clip showcases three of the shows which were new in 2016. New light shows on Blackpool Tower are created each year to be displayed along with selected existing ones. If you’ve never seen one of the projections it gives you a bit of an idea of what to expect.

To get the full effect you really need to stand on the promenade and watch them in the dark night air. There, you’ll get the atmosphere, the soundtrack, the lights, the people milling around you. It’s quite special – why don’t you wrap up warm and experience it for yourself this autumn.

3D lightshow on Blackpool Tower during the illuminations

Down the Rabbit Hole

This show brings the Blackpool Tower to life as it shows you an astronaut exploring new fantasy worlds. You can see a clip of it in the video below.

The Rabbit Hole was produced by The Macula. They are a Czech company and world leaders in this technology which is called projection mapping. The Macula have wowed audiences all over Europe with their work, so it’s exciting to see it here in Blackpool.

Enchanted Blackpool

Marvel at a fantastical fairy-tale romp around Blackpool and see the goddess in the Tower Ballroom come to life with characters created specially for the show!

Enchanted Blackpool LightPool projection show
Enchanted Blackpool LightPool projection show

Enchanted Blackpool was created by Cecile Llewelyn-Bowen, the daughter of Illuminations Curator Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. Cecile is a film-maker and brought designs created by her father to life in this show.

Chasing Stars – Our Adventures in Space

2016 was the year when you went space crazy, as astronaut Tim Peake spent months aboard the International Space Station.

Tim Peake features in Chasing Stars LightPool digital projection show 2016
Tim Peake features in Chasing Stars LightPool digital projection show 2016

Stand on the promenade and be transported to other worlds in this eight minute galactic tour which is based on fact and science.

Blackpool’s Illuminations collaborated with European Space Agency and astronaut, Tim Peake to bring you this show which explores man’s most recent journeys into space.

Dr Nick Lister of the Lawrence House Astronomy & Space Science Centre at Rossall School also helped to produce the show. Tim spoke to groups of children from Blackpool schools asking them to imagine what it would be like to live in space. How would they feel if they visited another planet or met an alien? Their ideas and drawing were incorporated into the show.

How the Light Shows on Blackpool Tower Began

The first of the light shows on Blackpool Tower was projected in September 2015. It’s a process called digital mapping.

You can watch the show in the video below, with thanks to our friends at mediafilms.

Light show on Blackpool Tower, when LightPool began in 2015

The displays use cutting edge mapping technology to project high definition films on to the front of the Blackpool Tower building. It’s an amazing sound and visual experience.

LightPool Digital Projection show onto Blackpool Tower
LightPool Digital Projection show onto Blackpool Tower

A second 10-minute show in 2015 featured the Wurlitzer organ. Plus the first ever piece of music recorded at Blackpool Tower Ballroom and larger-than-life clips of dancers from the resort’s very own Funny Girls.

There was even an opportunity for the audience on the promenade to join in an unforgettable dance routine, with the Comedy Carpet becoming a real-life dance mat.

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