New Illuminations for 2017

New Illuminations for 2017

What’s new for Blackpool Illuminations in 2017

New Illuminations for 2017 make the display shine brighter than ever – because of the support of the business community.

The main Illuminations display runs from September 1 to November 5. There are several new sponsored features and during October half-term you can enjoy LightPool. That’s the free festival of entertainment. This year it features the first ever parade of Blackpool’s world-famous illuminated trams!

The Butterfly Effect

‘Be the change you want to see in the world’

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American artist and entrepreneur Tasha Wahl had a fledgling idea. She wanted to start a micro-philanthropy movement that embodied a concept popularized by Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” She founded The Butterfly Effect in 2013 as a way to set into motion particles of hope that would become waves of love.

The Butterfly Effect has raised more than $61,300 for 210 charitable organisations throughout the United States and has now come to Blackpool. It will spread kindness one tiny act at a time throughout the town.

The Blackpool Fairness Commission has been working with Tasha and with sponsorship from Houndshill Shopping Centre, her Butterfly is going in the illuminations until they finish.

Butterfly Effect - new illuminations for 2017 being installed
Butterfly Effect – new illuminations for 2017 being installed

It was launched by Dan Whiston on 13 September and you can find it in The Magic Garden, Blackpool Illuminations, Queens Promenade

Stand in front of the Butterfly Illumination for your photo – and spread your changes around your world!

New Illuminations for 2017: Genting Castles

The biggest new investment is thanks to Genting Casino who are sponsoring a new road section featuring giant twinkling castles. Laurence Llewelyn Bowen has curated it, working with in-house designer Sarah Barton. Between them they’ve created a new favourite.

Genting Casino sponsor new Genting Castles, New Illuminations for 2017
Genting Casino sponsor new Genting Castles

Janine Marshall is the general manager of Genting Casino Blackpool. She said “We’re delighted to be working with this year’s illuminations for the very first time. It’s an iconic annual attraction for the town and people travel from all over the country to experience it.

“We’re looking forward to being part of the festivities this year, and seeing Genting’s own exciting illuminations.”

New Illuminations for 2017: Carleton Fountains

Inspired by the huge Illuminations archive, the 2017 display includes the new Carleton Fountains.

In full 3D these classic features combine tradition and modernity with old school manufacturing. The latest LED lighting is used to create a wonderful addition to the display. It’s been created through a partnership with the Best Western Carlton Hotel.

Kerian Barnes is the Operations Director at Starboard Hotels. She said “The Best Western Carlton is delighted and proud to be associated with this year’s illuminations. We appreciate how important it is for the profile of our hotel and we’ve really enjoyed working with the Illuminations team.

“Working with Laurence Llewelyn Bowen has been a brilliant experience for our team and our guests. Many of them have visited the hotel for years and are looking forward to seeing the new light show.”

New Illuminations for 2017: Bonny Street Market Section

A special section in the Golden Mile is home to a series of family friendly images and colourful lights for New Bonny Street Market.

It’s a long standing and well loved attraction and features in the Illuminations for the first time.

Bonny Street Market, new Illuminations for 2017
Bonny Street Market, new Illuminations for 2017

New Illuminations for 2017: Elgin Tableau

A classic is reborn as the legendary ‘Fire and Water’ tableau is reimagined as the ELGIN tableau.

It’s been completely refurbished for 2017, and features a brand new lighting system and projected images.

Elgin Tableau, new Illuminations for 2017
Design for the new Elgin Tableau

Nigel Seddon is the owner of the Elgin Hotel. He said “We support the Blackpool Illuminations every year. We know that without this unique attraction our hotel wouldn’t have the 66 nights of peak time trade that we do now.

“At the Elgin we’re always looking for new ways to promote our business and we’re very proud of our Blackpool roots. So sponsoring a tableau is something that we were delighted and excited to do.

“We would definitely encourage other businesses to do the same.”

New Illuminations for 2017: Blackpool and the Fylde College

Blackpool and The Fylde College’s 125th anniversary celebrations are at the heart of the world’s biggest light show this year.

The celebrations started with the B&FC choir performing at the Switch On ceremony on 1 September. The College also celebrates its milestone year in the Lightpool shows projected onto Blackpool Tower.

To round off their celebrations and support for the Illuminations, the College have their own tableau lighting up the promenade at Bispham.

Proud of our place in the community

Claire Frost, Director of Marketing at B&FC, said: “The College is proud of its place at the heart of the community. There’s no better way to celebrate 125 years than by being part of the world-famous Blackpool Illuminations.

“More than a million people from the Fylde Coast and beyond have come through our doors for education and training to improve their life opportunities.

“Many of them thought they didn’t have the knowledge to succeed within further education or were too old to go back to college. It’s our job to illuminate their future and make them see that they can succeed.

“That is why the positive message of the Illuminations resonates with the College and we are so happy to be involved in this year’s show.”

For more details about courses at B&FC go to or call the advice hotline on 01253 504343.

Your Favourites Returning in 2017

Returning favourites in the 2017 display include Beach House Boulevard, Mandarin Lanterns, Bling, Star Trek, Dynamo, Ballroom Glitz, KRS Mirrorball arches, Art for Walls, McDonalds, Logo Lights and Head Lights.

The welcome experience at the north and south arrival points on the promenade have been rebranded to encourage you to donate to the free attraction. Don’t forget that your donations help to fund new illuminations next year!

LightPool is Back!

LightPool returns for its third successive year in 2017.

The brilliant 3D mapping projection shows are back on the Tower building. See fairytale, fantasy and fact in the free shows that you’ll see every evening throughout the Illuminations. It’s on the Tower Buildings daily from w/c 4 September.

LightPool reinvents the Illuminations display by getting you out of your car and onto the streets. You’ll experience the show in a totally different way!

The LightPool Village is back on the Comedy Carpet. This year it’s open during the day and night. There’ll be live music and along with the 3D projection show you’ll be able to get a drink and snack and a photo souvenir to remember your visit.

Live Entertainment

The [email protected] is on and around the Tower Festival Headland from Wednesday 25 to Friday 27 October. It features spectacular live entertainment between 5pm and 7pm each night.

On all three nights you’ll see fantastic performance from Spark! by Worldbeaters Music. It’s a unique and thrilling show with high-impact drumming, superb choreography and stunning lighting design. Plus amazing sound and light performances by musician AFISHAL.

Blackpool Council continues to fund the Illuminations show, but increasingly it relies on donations from the general public or businesses. All donations are reinvested into the design and creation of new displays and experiences for future generations.

The Illuminations and LightPool shine nightly from 1 September – 5 November.

The [email protected] takes place from 25 October – 27 October 2017.

Season Launch August 2017

We love going along to the annual Blackpool Illuminations season launch.

To be able to see a selection of displays up-close and go into the cavernous building where the Illuminations are made always brightens up our day. We leave our grown up worlds behind and ‘things to do’ to be transported to a world of being seven again, just for an hour or two!

The Critchley family were the first to arrive. Their daughter had created the winning drawing selected by Laurence Llewelyn Bowen in the LoveMyBeach competition and it’s been made into an Illumination. The looks on their faces as they walked in said it all!

Critchley family being photographed at Blackpool Illuminations season launch with their new Illuminations for 2017
Critchley family being photographed at Blackpool Illuminations season launch

Blackpool Illuminations Creative Curator Laurence Llewelyn Bowen kicked off the 2017 season launch with another rousing speech about how the buy-in from local businesses will make a difference to this year’s display.

Hotelier Mick Grewcock made a touching donation to the Illuminations fund in memory of his wife Sheila, who sadly died earlier this year.

We can’t wait to see the Lights out on the streets and shining brightly!

Laurence Llewelyn Bowen at the Blackpool Illuminations season launch, unveiling new Illuminations for 2017
Laurence Llewelyn Bowen at the Blackpool Illuminations season launch, unveiling new Illuminations for 2017
Blackpool Illuminations Season Launch 2017, new Illuminations for 2017
Blackpool Illuminations Season Launch
Elgin Hotel sponsors new Illuminations for 2017
Elgin Hotel sponsors new Illuminations for 2017
Friends of Blackpool Illuminations stand, at launch of new Illuminations for 2017
Friends of Blackpool Illuminations stand

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