Fisherman's Friend Trawler Tram

Fisherman's Friend Trawler Tram

Fisherman’s Friend Trawler Tram – Back on the Tracks

In 2016 we were all delighted to see the Fisherman’s Friend Trawler Tram back on the tram tracks, after a complete refurbishment.

Everything here on the Fylde Coast takes a battering from the weather, and the Illuminated Heritage Trams are no exception. They’re out on the promenade in some of the most awful weather, and it takes a toll on them.

The Previous Version…

The Trawler Tram hadn’t had any substantial maintenance since it was created from the frame of a 1937 Brush Railcoach back in 2001.

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This is a photo of the tram when it was lit with normal style lightbulbs.

Fisherman's Friend Trawler Tram prior to the full refurbishment
Fishermans Friend Trawler Tram prior to the full refurbishment

The world famous Fisherman’s Friend lozenge is made not far away in Fleetwood and exported all over the world. The Fisherman’s Friend Trawler Tram is shaped to look like a fishing boat and illuminated with the famous branding of the throat sweet.

Unusually, this tram can travel in both directions as it has fully fitted cabs at either end, although it is shaped with a bow and stern. It was also designed to be used in regular service even when not lit before the tram system was upgraded.

Over the years it had given really good service but had become rather weary looking and it was decided to retire the tram at the end of the 2014 season.

…the Fabulous New Version!

The newly repainted Fisherman's Friend Trawler Tram 737 awaiting its Illuminations
The newly repainted Fisherman’s Friend Trawler Tram awaiting its Illuminations

During the early months of 2016 it was conserved and fully refurbished so that it can carry passengers for many years to come.

You can see how immaculate it is in this photo below, which was taken at Fleetwood Tram Sunday. Each of the little white dots is an LED light.

The Fisherman's Friend Trawler Tram, part of the display at Tram Sunday
The Fisherman’s Friend Trawler Tram, part of the display at Tram Sunday

And here’s the Fisherman’s Friend Trawler Tram when it’s lit up with all the LED lights. Doesn’t it look spectacular!

Blackpool Illuminated Tram, Fisherman's Friend Trawler Tram
Lit up at night, the Fisherman’s Friend Trawler Tram
Blackpool Illuminated Tram, Fisherman's Friend Trawler Tram
Blackpool Illuminated Tram, Fisherman’s Friend Trawler Tram
Blackpool Illuminated Heritage Tram, Fisherman's Friend Trawler Tram
Doesn’t the Fisherman’s Friend Trawler Tram look spectacular!

And here’s a short video of it in action…

Fisherman’s Friends lozenges are made locally in Fleetwood by the company which is owned by the Lofthouse family. They very generously made a significant financial contribution to the restoration which allowed it to be overhauled and repainted.

We were all thrilled to see it returned to service after an absence of almost two years.

The work on the Trawler was extensive and it included

  • mechanical overhaul
  • complete external repaint
  • replacement of the seat cushions with the traditional leaf green moquette
  • replacing all the external illuminations with state of the art LED equipment

The Fisherman’s Friends Trawler Tram is now the brightest star of the fleet and by far the most ‘illuminated’ of all the illuminated trams!

Working Together

The project is a brilliant example of a shared initiative.

Fisherman’s Friend, which is a private company, provided the finance to make it possible. Blackpool Transport carried out the overhaul and repaint of the tram, and Blackpool’s Illuminations Department designed and installed the external illuminations.

Illuminated Heritage Tram Tours

You can enjoy a ride on the Fisherman’s Friend Trawler Tram with one of the special Illuminated Heritage Tram Tours.

Illuminated Heritage Tram Tours ONLY depart from the special tram stop at the loop opposite the front entrance to Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Get details about Illuminated Heritage Tram Tours here

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