HMS Blackpool Tram

HMS Blackpool Tram

Have you spotted HMS Blackpool Tram on duty? It’s the tram shaped like a boat – HMS Blackpool honours the Royal Navy boat of the same name.

Blackpool Illuminated Heritage Tram, HMS Blackpool Frigate
Blackpool Illuminated Heritage Tram, HMS Blackpool Frigate

HMS Blackpool was a Whitby-class or Type 12 anti-submarine frigate of the Royal Navy.

Frigate HMS Blackpool 736 is an illuminated tram based loosely on the same shape and named in its honour. It was sponsored by the Navy.

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The original tram was built in 1965. The driver was sat high up in his cab and had a restricted view so it was fitted with a loud air-horn which made everyone on the promenade jump!

The illuminated Hovertram

With wear and tear and a need for maintenance it was withdrawn in 2001. It made a very welcome return for the 2004 Lights.

A Rebuilt HMS Blackpool Tram

In 2003 HMS Blackpool was lucky enough to have a rebuild.

Blackpool Illuminated Heritage Tram, HMS Blackpool Frigate in front of Blackpool Tower
Blackpool Illuminated Heritage Tram, the Frigate in front of Blackpool Tower

Having withstood the elements the body all but the prow was scrapped. The underframe was repaired and strengthened. It was redesigned with a new body frame and roof more like the actual style of the Frigate ship. Although there is a door on one side, full controls were added at both ends.

Carrying 64 passengers it’s still a very popular feature on the promenade today.

Illuminated Heritage Tram Tours

HMS Blackpool is still in service today and you can enjoy a ride on it with one of the special Illuminated Heritage Tram Tours.

These Tram Tours ONLY depart from the special tram stop at the loop opposite the front entrance to Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

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